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Handwritings und Drawings in the iOS 10 Messenger 

Next comes a white area, which is intended primarily for handwriting, but even smaller sketches can fit into it. And here again opens an enlargement, in which you write and draw almost like into a magnifying glass.

Scrolling expands this area to twice the width.

Writings and sketches can be stored in a kind of menu. Still missing are colors and the ability to import something from another program.

Only in the ordinary line of text, you can insert graphics, which are, for example, drawn in a sketchbook or animated with a GIF maker. more

Pen input is becoming a standard and Apple offers something special in the iOS 10 Messenger – notably with a field, that enlarges itself, if you start drawing either on photos or on a black background.  And the best about it: all the lines are reproduced, as with a laser beam, in the same time course in which they are drawn.

This type of animation makes even scrawly letters and scribbled stick men an eye-catcher.

doodle emoji


animated Gifs

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